Stress (& How to Deal with it Better)

Bye bye sundresses, hello cozy scarves from Aritzia (yes, the Warehouse Sale is so perfectly timed).

This summer was so action packed that I essentially had no time to sit down and connect with my laptop to write. The seasons have now shifted- fairly drastically- but I mean PSL’s definitely came out early this year. So with my PSL in hand, I’m now ready to tackle this season of tumbling leaves and homework (lots of it).

With school in full swing now, a main topic of conversation has been stress. I hear this daily, “I’m so stressed!” or “I’m so emotionally drained.” The weather shifting doesn’t do so well with those suffering from SAD and even those suffering from anxiety or depression and this along with the natural stressors of school and work can lead to alarming amounts of stress.

I’m not doctor but I do know from personal experience that stress can affect you physically and emotionally. Below are some ways I try to manage stress that might work for you too!

Have some OM time

Something that has always helped me center myself- literally- has been meditation. Now meditation doesn’t have to be sitting in complete silence if you’re a beginner. I would suggest using an app such as Calm or one of my favourites- Insight Timer for some guided meditations or relaxing music. Also, find a spot or corner in your house that can be your ‘safe haven’ that you can use for meditation. Find a comfy blanket to sit on and focus on your inhales and exhales- relax and feel your stress melt away.

Be proactive (& don’t procrastinate)

Drowning in homework? Got 99 problems and they all revolve around feeling stuck? Try organizing your days. Procrastination and leaving things to the last minute can make anyone feel stressed and anxious. Instead of powering through tasks the night before (I mean, who hasn’t pulled an all-nighter? Where my fellow university students at!) try to create a plan for your week. Create priorities for your work and space it out instead of frying your brain for five hours straight. A tip I have is to set reminders for due dates and reminders for meetings, homework, and tasks on my phone calendar.

Get in your zzzzzzz’s

SLEEP. SLEEP. SLEEP. Get in at least eight hours if not more. If you have trouble sleeping, try one of the apps mentioned above. Some meditations that are ‘nidra’ focused help you fall asleep as well.

Talk it out

Find a trusted loved one or a professional counsellor and talk it out. Getting out and rationalizing your emotions can also really help to alleviate stress.

Now go get yourself a coffee (or tea or water) and take a breather. You deserve it.


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