Finding Myself in Yoga

Do you ever just feel so bound and stuck in this place of clicking and flashy lights and “buy this” and snapchatting instead of actually seeing? I totally feel that too. For someone that spends the majority of their time in front of a screen, getting away and having a breather is almost impossible for me. I mean there’s nothing wrong with screens or technology itself (but I mean have you even seen Black Mirror…). Regardless, I feel that having this connection with the world through technology and social media is a great tool. But through all these connections that are so external, we forget about the most important relationship of all- with ourselves.

For the past few weeks, I have really been trying to find ways to connect more with myself. This all sparked on my trip to Bowen Island in BC. For my short vacay, I stayed at Nectar Yoga B & B. Nectar is one of my favourite places because they have the most beautiful landscape surrounding the premises along with yoga classes in the picturesque dome.



The owners of Nectar are such lovely people that radiate positivity. I always feel welcome there. But this time was different. This time, I really dwelled deeper into my meditation practice and the connection with my body in each move, each asana was like embracing my own self.

After my experience, I decided to really focus in what truly makes me unite with myself. I have been doing yoga for about four years now and have found it to be absolutely liberating. I found that it’s the fact that I am getting away from everything that connects me to everyone else and for a couple moments, just connecting with myself- on or off the mat. I am finding now that I will stop and stare at flowers along my way. And I will take photos of the flowers and post them on Instagram but it’s the fact that I noticed something that makes me happy. This awareness, this mindfulness is really what drives us all.

I invite you to find something that makes you breathe freely. Something small that might inspire you or even just something that makes you smile and take note of it. Nothing extravagant necessarily. But, by all means, if buying a yacht makes you happy then do it (and befriend me for yacht adventures).

Breathe and accept yourself 🙂




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