Canva: What It Is and Why I Love It

Aside from my love for writing about fashion and all things cool (like makeup!), I work and go to school for public relations and marketing.

At the moment, I’m working as a marketing assistant and as a PR coordinator learning more about social media. This fall I’ll be heading back to school full-time to hone my PR skills. What I’ve found lately is that design has been a huge component of my work- whether it be posting on social media or designing a business card for myself, etc. In school, I have always worked with InDesign but being a student and a new employee in the workforce, it can be a hassle having to pay a subscription fee for a design software. And that is where this wonderful tool called Canva comes into play!

Some people may already know what Canva is and how to use it beautifully!

Essentially, it is a design tool (and an app for on the go design projects!). Some of my favourite ways of using Canva are for:

  1. Designing a post for Instagram: This is my FAVOURITE way of using Canva. I am able to utilize beautiful imagery or use solid backgrounds to create posts and content quickly. A lot of times, I make my Instagram posts using Canva while on the bus! The only downside to that is that Canva requires you to use data if you’re not connected to WiFi. I guess that means goodbye data (yes, I max out every time). Other than that, it’s super easy to create posts for Instagram using many of the free templates or creating your own design. Recently, I’ve been creating a lot of posts with motivational quotes with some solid backgrounds- this creates for a visually appealing design that also conveys a message. The ways to use this tool for Instagram are endless.
  2. Re-vamping your résumé: Canva has many great templates for designing your own résumé. These templates are really good for people that are wanting to showcase their creative abilities or just want to stand out from other candidates. Personally, I prefer creating my own design since it shows authenticity and allows you to present your personality through the design!
  3. Designing business cards: In line with the résumés, having a unique and clear business card sets you apart from others especially when applying to a new job. Canva allows you to create beautiful cards. Their free layouts are nice and modern. I would still recommend adding your own flare to the design and being creative!
  4. Creating presentations: I don’t know about you but I’ve used Microsoft PowerPoint forever! PowerPoint is an amazing tool for presentations but Canva offers some cool templates for presentations that aren’t as dated as the ones on PowerPoint.
  5. Invitation design: Canva also offers some great templates for invites for weddings, birthdays, etc. These tools are also very helpful for businesses wanting to promote their event!
  6. Events for businesses: Use Canva for creating invites for a sale at your small store, to promote a mix and mingle your company is hosting and for various business promotions. Canva is a great tool for small business owners because it allows you to design things like Facebook Ad’s, event posts, letters, magazines, postcards and even brochures along with other neat options.

Canva is great for social media posts and even for printed works. This cool, free tool allows people to design easily and beautifully. We are constantly attracted to gorgeous designs. This shift into social media and seeing images that are perfect in every way raises the bar for the type of content and design we put out. Now is a great time to invest in some effective design practices (while having fun!)

P.S. Canva is very addicting. You may end up making way too many designs but that is a good thing 🙂

Side note: Canva also allows you to search up free images to use in your background for your designs as demonstrated in the image for this post.

Have fun with Canva!



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