Denim Jackets For All Seasons

No matter the weather, I’m always down to complete my outfit with a denim jacket.

Here’s a list of my favourite ways to wear them:

1. With a casual dress

I am absolutely in love with this trend. Wearing a denim jacket with a bodycon dress makes the outfit super casual yet super chic. Pair it with a pair of Stan Smiths or white Converse to get that cute and comfy look. In the photo above, I’ve paired my jacket with a versatile dress by Wilfred Free from Aritzia.¬†Untitled design (1)

2. Tied around the waist

Why not save a jacket around your waist for when it gets cold out? I love wearing an outfit and tying a denim jacket around my waist. It looks fashionable and you can pop on your jacket when it gets chilly. When I was travelling in Europe, it was my favourite outfit choices!

3. Along with athletic wear

With such a busy schedule, we all tend to wear Lululemon leggings out while running errands or for casual gatherings. I usually throw on a denim jacket to give my outfit a contrast in colour and fabric. Even a boring pair of black leggings and work-out tank looks great with a denim jacket thrown over top. It’s easy.

4. To dress down a LBD

Have a sexy little black dress but not sure how to wear it out during the day? Pair it with a denim jacket and sneakers or flats! I love love love this combo. It’s a great way to dress up or down depending on the occasion. If its for work, try a knee length plain black dress with a dark denim jacket and heels or flats. If its for a coffee date, try a comfy LBD with a lighter denim, rustic denim jacket along with some cute sandals or booties depending on the weather!

Some other ways of wearing a denim jacket are to pair it with some jeans for a denim-on-denim look or to try it with a bold printed maxi dress for a contrast in colours and textures.

Be creative and you’ll find that there are so many other great ways of pairing this versatile piece of clothing!





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