Athleisure: Breaking The Boundaries

I love nothing more than a comfy pair of yoga pants. There, I said it!

I’m definitely not a person that endorses wearing sweatpants to work but I fail to understand that if we are opening up to self-expression in the workplace, why does that rule also not apply to clothing?

I don’t know about everyone but I am so tired of wearing the same old dress pants, black top and black blazer for every interview or professional meeting. In a perfect world, I would show up with a bright floral dress paired with white sneakers and a denim jacket. That outfit to me speaks approachability and self-expression along with creativity. On the other hand, the plain black outfit says BORING!

However, athlesisure has definitely evolved over the past years into clothing that is actually wearable in many situations and appropriate for several contexts. Let’s take a pair of pull-on stretch dress pants for example (if you don’t have a pair already, definitely look into it because they’re so worth it!). I feel that we’ve taken this concept of comfortable clothing and grown from that idea to create products that are suitable for most settings. Designing products with a focus on functionality and versatility is the key.

In a way, athleisure has opened up this window to this world of design where products are being created with our busy lifestyles in mind. I don’t want a dress that I can only wear to work. I want a dress that I can wear in the morning for a walk with my dog and then to work and then for a night out with the ladies at the bar. This shift in the world of fashion has been going on for some years now and I am so excited for more products that are inspired by athleisure.

My point is that this concept of athletic and leisure wear is breaking this boundary of the young being lazy and transforming the industry to create products that are catered to our hectic lives. Products that are so dynamic that is nothing but revolutionary.

P.S. photo is from a retreat in the summer where I spent most of it relaxing in comfy clothes- perfect for exploring!






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