Vintage Feels

Now I’m not one of those people that drinks a ton of coffee or any in fact. But for some reason, I love a nice and cozy coffee shop. I’ve always been a fan of the soft music in the background, the smell of freshly baked cookies and pastries swimming through the air with the pungent aroma of coffee. Also, coffee shops usually make for great study or work spots.

So while I was on my hunt for the best coffee shops, I ran across Arbutus Coffee the other day. Finding my way on foot to the shop was a bit of a surprise. Google Maps told me that the shop is located in the middle of a residential street- an odd place for some caffeine or tea lovers to trek out to!

Arbutus Coffee is located in Kitsilano, near Arbutus street, hence the name. The coffee shop is built inside a repurposed old home from early 1900’s. Since it’s literally a home turned into a coffee shop, I feel it holds so much history and memories. As I walked into this sweet and warm shop, I could just feel the years and years of stories surround me. There’s just something different about walking into an older home, especially if that home is where you enjoy a sugar-free iced tea while working on homework.

As for the food, they’ve got yummy sandwiches, cookies and the usual coffee shop options. However, you can really smell it in the air that the food has that home-cooked feel and taste. My iced tea was just the right amount of flavour and perfectly iced. Also, they have free wifi so in my books, that’s a complete package.

Arbutus Coffee has definitely become one of my favourite coffee shops. And also one of my favourite study spots!

p.s. Yes, I’m that person that works all day at your local Starbucks- sorry I just love coffee shops minus the coffee.


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