Keeping it Casual

Chic. Comfortable. Casual

Five tips for keeping it casual:

  1. Sneakers: Lately, I’ve really been into wearing sneakers with literally everything. I got a pair of Ms. Stan Smiths that are my go-to shoe any time of the year. They have an almost pleather feeling that makes them easy to clean but I wouldn’t recommend wearing them in the rain or muddy weather. But of course, in Vancouver, we are blessed with all the rain and mud in the world so keeping these beauties white and crisp is a hassle. I would also recommend investing in a cheaper pair of white sneakers (from H & M or Forever 21) for the rainy days if you’re as obsessed as I am with wearing white shoes with EVERYTHING.
  2. Tank tops: Black tank tops are always in style and always comfortable. I bought one from the bay for $14 and I wear it every week. I love the versatility of tank tops because they can be work with a cardigan, a scarf, a sweater or by itself. Definitely a must-have for all closets.
  3. Sunglasses: Nothing says chic like a pair of fashionable sunglasses. It’s a great idea to carry around a pair of sunglasses just in the hopes that the sun will come out. But really, who wants to walk around with squinty eyes when it’s a gorgeous day out! I always carry a $10 pair in my bag in case the rays are too bright.
  4. Sports bra: Now sports bra are a love and hate relationship until you find the right one and then its all love! They are the perfect lingerie option when you’re running around doing errands or just grabbing a coffee with your girls. However, it can be very difficult to find the right size but I would recommend investing in a form-fitting, good quality sports bra. I love the sizes and designs at Forever Yours Lingerie in Langley! Check them out at
  5. Hair up: I cannot have my hair in my face when I am trying to relax or running around doing chores. My favourite way to do my hair and still look human is to part it down the middle but only halfway down my scalp. The rest of the hair I pull up into a low bun for an effortlessly chic look. Buns are the best way to keep that hair off your beautiful face.

Keep it classy and comfy.

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